"Wormwood was recorded in the summer of 2002. The majority of the tracks were recorded live on the summer tour, and then brought into the studio for further tweaking. The album is one non-stop 60 minute work, complete with all of the segues and improvisation typical of a live moe. show. While the album captures the feel and flow of a live show, it also shows the band taking full of advantage of the studio environment & together they create a real sonic accomplishment. The process was sort of a happy accident and evolved out of many ideas while approaching the new material. In the end, moe. ended up with a groundbreaking album creating a process that had not been used before. Not only was the album a technological success, but also made great strides in solving the jamband enigma of creating a studio album that somehow captures the essence of the band in a live setting."

  1. Not Coming Down
  2. Wormwood
  3. Okayalright
  4. Rumble Strip
  5. Gone
  6. Organs
  7. Crab Eyes
  8. Bullet
  9. Kyle's Song
  10. Bend Sinister
  11. Kids
  12. Kidstoys
  13. Shoot First
  14. Edison Laugh Record

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