Tales From The moe. Republic


Tales From The moe. Republic

"Signed by John Derhak"

Welcome to the moe.Republic Hotel

— where the lives and the legends from the Lost Kingdom of Moose Harbor, Maine, spring to life!

Like Casey McNugent, who bets the farm selling elephant semen for profit — Porter Gibson Digit, who changed history the day he 'invented' the finger — and brother Kevin and Sparky, who mysteriously disappear into the cosmos!

The characters, their stories, are chronicled by 'brother John' in letters to his brother Rob, the bass player for the real-life rock band moe., who reluctantly backs the hotel.

From a haunted mansion, to Timmy Tucker's meteor bash, to a cursed pirate treasure, John's misadventures and comic tales — the magic of Moose Harbor — will leave you laughing and wondering how long until all paths lead to the moe.Republic.

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